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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, August 17, 2020
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Sky is the limit

Ninfa Leonardia

Sky is the limit is descriptive of Charlie Co and Neil Benavente’s level of artistic collaboration.

The Astronaut with a clenched fist and a phone in the other hand getting a photo of you down there is the latest testament. The fiberglass spaceman is presently flying right beside the Orange Project building as a response to a heightened interest in space in the light of the ongoing pandemic. It is also metaphorical for Co in a sense that the Art District has become a Skylab for creativity, Orange Project as a spaceship and the office therein is the brain.

This special collaboration between Charlie and Neil started more than a decade ago. Charlie wanted his images to come to 3D reality and he recognized Neil’s expertise as a sculpture and his acumen as a highly talented visual artist, who can handle any medium. He is also quick to affirm the collaborative spirit of Neil who works with determination and passion and who brings a lot of light and love into the creative exercise. Charlie’s ideas are again and again finding life in Neil’s capable hands.

Co expressed that “I really like working with Neil because he is very open, he gets exactly what I intend and respect is very strong. I’m always happy with the results of our collaboration.”*

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