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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, October 18, 2019


World-class brass sculptor Michael Cacnio opened his second one-man art exhibit at Charlie’s Art Gallery at Italia Restaurant in Mandalagan, Bacolod City Saturday, that will run until November 12.

His almost 30 years as an artist are evidenced by his mastery of the medium in his exhibit titled “Treasures”, where he preserves happy memories of his childhood in his hometown in Malabon.

Cacnio said his latest art pieces are mounted on the walls which is something different from his last exhibit here.

He considers it an honor to hold another exhibit in Bacolod City, after the success of his first one, also at Charlie’s Gallery. This one is in time for the Ruby MassKara Festival, he said.

His brass works are inspiration of his childhood days in Malabon where the Filipino way of life and Filipino games are preserved. In this stage of his childhood days, he recalled playing with kites and that a balloon is his favorite toy when there is an occasion or celebration, Cacnio said.

Since his grandfather used to plant trees in their compound, he used to play with the swing and read books under the tree that he considers very relaxing, he said.

Cacnio said he is the only artist who uses some combination of money in his subjects. Money is one of his favorite subjects since it is something that people value or treasure, not only for material things but for the spirituality in which they treasure their connection with God.

He graduated from the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines under deans Jose Joya and Napoleon Abueva, he said.

Cacnio said he finished painting and took up another major in sculpture because he does not want to compare his works with his father, Angel Cacnio, who was good in painting. He chose brass that he considers a malleable metal because he can express his emotions by sculpting with it.

Meanwhile, Cacnio said he likes Bacolod because he considers it a good place for retirement, especially for an artist. It is good for relaxation and there is no congestion compared to Manila.

So it is nice to be back here to taste the food, especially the Bacolod chicken inasal, which is his favorite, he said.*

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