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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, June 16, 2018
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Muslims mark Eid Al-Fitr


Muslim communities in Bacolod City gathered yesterday at their worship centers and some at the Bacolod Government Center for morning prayers as they celebrated the Eid Al-Fitr, the end of a month-long fasting for Ramadan.

Eid Al-Fitr is a celebration of faith, of fear of God, of peace, mercy, reconciliation, forgiveness, among others. It is a day of thanksgiving for passing the test for patience, hunger, and material and non-material deprivation, their leaders said.

“Eid” is an Arabic word which means “festival” while “fitr” is “conclusion of the fast.” Thus, Eid’lFitr is a celebration marking the end of the Ramadan holy month.

As commanded by Quran, Muslims should complete their fasting on the last day of Ramadan, and then recite the “Takbir or Allahu Akbar” all throughout the period of Eid. Typically, during the Eid’lFitr, Muslims wake up very early in the morning, before the sun rises.

They offer a prayer called Salatul Fajr, put on new clothes or the best one available and apply perfume.

Since Eid’lFitr marks the end of Ramadan, it is forbidden for Muslims to fast on that day.

That is why it is advisable to take a small breakfast of a sweet dish, preferably the date fruit, before attending the special Eid’lFitr prayer called Salah.

President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday joined Muslim Filipinos in celebrating Eid al Fitr, urging them to foster greater unity towards a more progressive future.

“I join our Muslim brothers and sisters as they mark the end of Ramadan and reaffirm their commitment to self-purification and jubilation,” Duterte said in his Eid al Fitr message.

“May this revered festival inspire us all to foster greater unity amidst our differences in faith and culture. Together, let us engage in acts of charity as we steer our nation towards a more progressive and tolerant future,” he added.

Duterte also called on Muslim brothers to take the event as an opportunity to thank Allah for providing the nation the strength to endure challenges of misguided ideologies, terrorism and violent extremism.

“I trust that the sacrifice of Muslim Filipinos during their month-long fasting has rekindled their faith and reawakened their sense of benevolence and empathy towards their fellowmen,” he said.

The President said this is also an “opportune time” to reflect on the progress that the government and the Bangsamoro people have made to achieve long-lasting peace across the country, especially in Mindanao.

“May love and understanding prevail over our land as we work hard for the genuine transformation of the Philippines for every Filipino,” Duterte said.*


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