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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, April 27, 2016
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Big lies


Let me repeat the quotation from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kamf that I cited yesterday: “The great masses of the people… will easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one.”

From the beginning of this campaign, Rodrigo Duterte had peddled great lies to the masses and they accepted his lies without pause to find out whether indeed his claims have basis in fact. They just swallowed the lies as a joke, although false, at their face.

It is not just the great masses but even reputed leaders of business and industry who have joined the identified smugglers in embracing and propagating the lies. By lending their names and reputation, they gave the lies a patina of truth. Indeed Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, taking the theory from his idol, was right: a lie repeated several times can take the aura of truth. The deceptions take the delusion of truth when men and women of repute join the chorus of the lies.

One proverb said “truth is real, lies are invented” and the god of lies is Satan whose minions ply and “roam around the world seeking the ruin of souls” as the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel declares.

Duterte and his sidekick Alan Cayetano, who is too ambitious enough to lie with Duterte, claim that Davao City is so peaceful one can walk the streets at night without fear. The fact is that the PNP official report tags Davao City as the fourth crime-ridden city in the Philippines – murder, rape, robbery, theft, etc. This report was flashed on television right after last Sunday's presidential debate to dispute Duterte's claim. Mar Roxas said this several times but who wants to know the truth in the community of lies?

Despite this official record, Duterte was not bothered that he was telling a big lie about the city he ruled with an iron fist for 20 years. This is common with a socio-path – no senses of guilt if he lied, or remorse if found to have lied. They always find ways of twisting the facts to make it appear acceptable.

Did any of those who sing his praises ever checked the PNP report? I doubt if they did because they fell under the spell of big lies.Yet these people would readily claim they are educated, religious, or leaders in their field.

A court record was publicized claiming that Duterte is a socio-path. The dictionary defines a socio-path as “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

This, then, is the kind of man his followers campaign to lead this nation, a pied piper into the river of national perdition and international shame. Duterte's actuations, rationalizations and lies confirm the court psychological findings.

Duterte said he will “kill” the smugglers but his chief propagandist, Lito Banayo was forced to resign from the National Food Authority when reports came out that he was involved in multi-million rice smuggling. The other big time rice and sugar smugglers are reported to be in Davao's port. So the question: what did Duterte do about them, right under his nose? He said he killed but only the small thugs.

No wonder that among the reported financiers of his campaign are in that category including some moguls in agriculture and business are based in Davao. With Duterte in power and with his lies, these financiers will eventually claim the Philippines as booty for their investments and make it the smuggling capital of the world.

Duterte denies he is financed by big business but his television and radio advertisements exceed those of Mar Roxas. He is not known as a billionaire, so we can logically say he has no personal means to finance these advertisements, the huge posters, the large air-conditioned campaign trailers and trucks. He was reported, however, to be using the facilities of a Davao-based religious cult, the Queboloy. No wonder he was quick to insult the bishops and priests who dared to criticize him. What concessions will this cult demand if Duterte ever comes to power?

His handlers are smart – they were able to put a lid on his psychological test results that explain the kind of man he is. A person without sense of guilt or remorse is dangerous and can plunge this nation into chaos if by some satanic power he takes over the Philippines.

Let's continue tomorrow.*



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