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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I trusted too much'

Dear Tita,

I married Nick, my husband, more than a year ago. I know that his family was against me at first because they wanted him to marry a girl from a rich family here. But Nick insisted on marrying me despite his family's objections.

After our wedding I tried my best to get along with his relatives. One of them was his Tita Sonia, a sister of his mother. Tita Sonia is fond of jewelry and when she found out that I was also selling jewelry, she immediately got close to me. I felt so grateful that a member of Nick's family was getting close to me and I tried my best to please her.

At first, Tita Sonia got a few pieces of jewelry from me so she could sell it to her amigas. She was successful in selling all the pieces and paid me in full. Then she got more pieces to sell and I entrusted her with them, thinking she could sell them all as soon as possible. But after two months, she still didn't sell a single piece. My supplier was already asking me about the payment for the jewelry and I began to worry. I tried to collect from Tita Sonia but she was evasive at first.

Later on, she became impatient when I tried to collect and was curt to me every time I tried to see her. Lately, I am no longer allowed to enter her house by her maids.

A friend of mine told me that Tita Sonia is notorious for not paying her accounts. She is a heavy gambler and loses thousands in gambling. Even my phone calls to her are not accepted. I told Nick about this and he too tried to help me but his Tita won't even talk to him. When he told his mother about this, she put the blame on me for trusting her sister too much.



Dear Too Trusting,

You should have done some investigating before entrusting Nick's Tita Sonia with your expensive jewelry. People like her get to be known for their unsavory character despite their place in high society. I hope you have some documents proving that she got the jewelry from you on consignment basis.

Otherwise, it will be hard for you to prove that she owes you money for payment. As a savvy businesswoman, you have to protect yourself from hustlers like her. I know you just wanted to get close to your husband's family, but not at the expense of your business. You can have your lawyer send her a collection letter. Then you decide what to do next so you can get the payment for your jewelry.



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