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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, September 2, 2015

‘Our mama is attracted to a younger man'

Dear Tita,

Our father died six years ago from cancer. Mama was terribly affected by his death and she was inconsolable for months. She spent most of her time visiting his grave . We were worried about her as she was already 61 years old and she seldom went out with her friends even if they often came to invite her out.

One day her friend Cora arrived from abroad and insisted that they go out to parties and fun places to enjoy. Mama finally agreed to Cora's wishes and they started going out. We were happy that Mama was enjoying herself at last.

Soon we noticed that Mama was buying new clothes and shoes. Every time she went out, she was always wearing something new. She was always smiling and talking on the telephone or texting on her cellphone. This was so unlike her usual self that my siblings and I were wondering what happened to her.

Finally, I found out by accident when I asked one of my titas why Mama seemed so happy lately. She told me that Mama was seeing a man who was fourteen years younger than she. My tita even said that the man was jobless and was separated from his wife.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My conservative and quiet Mama was falling for someone younger? Impossible! I told my siblings and we decided to ask Mama about this. She resented our interfering with what she was doing. She got angry when we told her not to be fooled by this man.

We cannot mention the topic to Mama as she gets so angry and tells us not to interfere.


Dear Concerned Daughter,

Your Mama has gone from extreme sadness over your Papa's death, to sudden joy with this young man in her life. The problem is, the man is separated and jobless. He could be a gigolo who preys on lonely widows and separadas so he could get money from them. You could ask the help of your Mama's close friends or relatives who could advise her before she throws away her money on this guy.

There have been a lot of women who were victimized like this.



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