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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, August 22, 2015

I don't want to give up my job'

Dear Tita,

I always wanted to be a career woman so I studied hard so I could graduate and begin to work in a big company. Fortunately, after graduation, I was hired by a new company that just opened here in Bacolod. I began living my childhood dream of being a successful career woman.

During one office party, I was introduced to Roy, who was working as an

assistant to the supervisor of their company. We both felt an instant attraction to each other. Roy began to court me and I accepted him as my boyfriend. After a while, I noticed that he became possessive and jealous of my male co-workers. I began to feel uncomfortable as he would fetch me from work every day and would look sullen if my male co-workers would stop by to talk to me. I tried to make him understand that it was a part of my job to exchange ideas with my co-workers but he refused to understand.

Despite his possessiveness, we got married that year and it wasn't long when we began fighting because of his jealousy. He would call me at work so many times a day, that my boss called my attention. When I got home, we would have a big fight. One day, their company had to let go of some of their employees and Roy was one of those who lost his job. Things got worse because he became moody and irritable at home. He was too proud to apply for a lesser position so he remained jobless. I began to wish I never married him at all.

Recently, Roy asked his uncle for help and his uncle offered to give him a job at his farm in Iloilo. When I heard this, I told him I couldn't leave my job which was our main source of income. But Roy insists that I resign so that we could move to his uncle's farm in Iloilo. I hate to leave my job and relocate to a farm in Iloilo.



Dear Career Woman,

You have to think it over and decide which is more important to you your career, or your husband. If you really don't want to give up your career then talk to Roy and tell him how you feel. He should also consider your feelings about this matter. If your husband means a lot to you, then there is no problem as you can easily give up your job and go with him to live in a farm in Iloilo.

Marriage is give and take. Each partner should consider the other's feelings. I fear that after being married to Roy all this time, you might have fallen out of love because of his controlling attitude and his possessiveness. It can kill a relationship.

You have to weigh things very carefully and decide which is more important to you.



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