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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, November 21, 2019
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A walk across the plaza

Ninfa Leonardia

I had the chance to walk across the Bacolod Public Plaza towards the downtown area one high noon this week; it was clean, there was music playing and by the huge trees in the shaded areas were traffic enforces took time to rest, a group of senior citizens, men and women played chess, others conversed in groups.

Using pedestrian lanes while crossing the busy street in the city makes you feel safe and, of course, you have to check vehicles coming towards you to be able to find your place. The sidewalk is now passable. More shops can be seen.

As I was looking for a place to eat, I tried to check on a restaurant where one can relax and order good food. It was all fast food and full at noon. It is so different in the downtown area, away from where I work, you meet people from all walks of life, and the prices of goods are cheaper, be it gadgets or basic needs. This was indeed the center of trade in the past, many from the neighboring towns still shop in this part of the city. However, the advent of malls changed its course as people want more convenience and a cool place, considering the warmer climate we are in.

On my free time this week, I tried to go to places I cannot visit when at work, and one of the best places to go is a good restaurant to experience good food. I took a grab car that brought me to a small restaurant that has been operating the past nine years. It is at the corner of Heritage Dormitory fronting Gate Three of the University of St. La Salle.

I walked in and saw the walls painted with blue and red, there were artworks hung on the wall and photographs of American service men, the ceiling designed like the sky, a crew of nine were wearing camouflage hats. As I sat down by the corner table, I was handed a menu, with a long list of food named Kaipo, Gunner, Austin, Marine, Dieter, Super Max, Ultimate Warrior, such a nice place to have a theme as it captures the interest of customers.

American mechanic engineer of the United States Marine Corps, Harold Jackson, is one of the many expatriates who had fallen in love with our country and our city, and shared the American food loved by many.

It is, indeed, a fulfilment of that dream to experience even their kind of food - the burger really tastes good - while relaxing in this cozy place by the university, where you can watch TV and eat to your heart’s desire.*

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