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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Teddy Boy, shame on you

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Our Outstanding Negrosanon, Foreign Affairs Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin, has proven once again his acumen in hogging the headlines by dishing out disgusting comments befitting that of a street punk than as head of a very important agency representing our country in the global community.

Why he was even included in the list of this year’s provincial awardees is a mystery, especially since it was under the category of public service. His actuations which smack of arrogance since he was appointed in the DFA, actually puts to shame those in public service.

Like his president, Teddy Boy seems to have a fetish to slam men of the cloth and the most recent was against Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Romulo Valles whom he called “a moron in a white Mu-mu.”

Valles’ fault was simply to ask the Catholic faithful to pray for Vice President Leni Robredo in her new task as the head of the anti-drug war of this administration.

“Say Thank You to the President you moron in a white Mu-Mu. Without him she’d be stuck with her retarded retinue and ecclesiastical idiots like you. How did you pass theology? You’re a disgrace to what is supposed to be the world’s most intellectual religion,” Locsin tweeted.

Was that even necessary? What is wrong in asking for prayers for someone, especially for the vice president whom we all know actually needs more than just protection from men in uniform but from higher beings in this very bloody drug war?

I am pretty sure that even his family is shamed by his flair for disgusting remarks. Though Teddy Boy has pulled down the tweet since it landed in the news, the damage was done. He probably wants to be likened to Trump who has made a lot of boo-boos for knee-jerk comments on Tweeter.

Many of us have definitely a mouthful to say when it comes to men in the cloth for disappointing us in a lot of ways but to slam someone that way is just an affirmation of how this Cabinet member has become.

Though I may not agree with much of Bishop Buzon’s position in so far as the Diocese is concerned, I agree with him in saying that Teddy Boy did not just shame himself but the country as well, as the president and most of his Cabinet men have done, especially that lizard-looking spokesperson in the Palace.

For Panelo to even say that Teddy Boy is “a man of substance and a professional” makes it all the more worse and shows us the calibre of our so-called president’s men.

In another news, Panelo slammed comments that there will be more investments coming in if and when Robredo takes over the country’s helm in the event that the president cannot anymore function due to his numerous illnesses.

The Palace had countless of times fended off queries about Duterte’s state of health, including his mental state of course, after footages and pictures of him showed he has a greyish tinge, seen sporting a cane and a humidifier and has disappeared for days unknown, skipping important events.

Recently, the president himself admitted that he is not well, although he attributed it to illnesses brought about by old age but many believe his state is more serious than what is being peddled to the public.

An economic review stated that we have had a downtrend in foreign investments since Duterte came into power, contrary to the claims of the national government that investments are flourishing.

Perhaps the Palace is right if you take into account the thousands of illegal Chinese workers who came into the country, purportedly to work in POGO establishments and some more who have been paraded by the police for being behind the illegal drug operations.

Not to mention those Chinese food stall owners operating without business permits. But then again, they are not contributing anything to the economy as these are all illegal operations. So I guess the Palace has to review its source of foreign investments that they are claiming.

Back here at home, it seems it’s the end of the road for our garden growers in Panaad Park as their appeal to the hearts of those in the provincial government have failed after they were given only until Saturday to vacate the grounds or face the music of the Provincial Legal Office.

I’ve written about this lengthily a few days back hearing the stories of how callous they were being dealt with by a provincial government employee who dialogued with them.

The governor has pointed out that since they have not been paying rent and the province does not earn from them, they are basically illegal in nature and will have to be removed to pave the way for a parking space in preparation for big sporting events.

Whether the parking space will generate income for the province remains to be seen. And yes, though they have not been paying rent as they have not been asked to pay rent since the time for Gov. Lito Coscolluela, the garden growers claim that they were actually paying for their utilities, contrary to claims of the province.

Just to stress too what these growers say, they have not asked the province any form of payment as well when they were asked to graciously beautify the park before it first opened because the province had no funds left for landscaping.

Ah….but a lot of things can change in two decades and unfortunately for these garden growers, it’s time to hang up their hats and look for a new space or a new livelihood.*

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