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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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Broiler chicken meat price drops


The average broiler chicken meat prices decreased by about P1 per kilo in Negros Occidental this week, while other meat products remained the same as last year, the Provincial Veterinary Office record showed yesterday.

The prevailing market price of livestock and poultry weekly monitoring of PVO showed that broiler chicken meat decreased by P1.07/kg., from P159.33 last week to P158.26 this week, while average prices of other meat products remained the same since last week.

Record shows that carabao beef in the province costs P243/kg., while beef is at P250.33/kg., pork - P224/kg., chevon or goat meat - P298.21/kg., and native chicken - P242.19/kg., while eggs remained at P5.48 (small), P6.02 (medium), P6.74 (large), and P7.32 (extra-large), and P11.76 (salted) per piece.

Meanwhile, average price of carabeef in Bacolod is P245/kg., beef - P255, pork - P230, broiler chicken P132.5, native P250, and eggs at P5.50 (small), P6 (medium), P7.25 (large), P7.75 (extra-large), and P12.50 (salted) per piece.

In District 1, meat prices are at P235 (carabeef), P250 (beef), P213 (pork), P320 (chevon), P158 (broiler chicken), P227.5 (native chicken), and eggs at P5.30 (small), P6.70 (medium), P6.70 (large), P7.25 (extra-large), and P12.50 (salted) per piece.

In District 2, meat prices are at P235 (carabeef), P235 (beef), P215 (pork), P250 (chevon), P165 (broiler chicken), and eggs at P5.17 (small), P5.67 (medium), P6.17 (large), P6.67 (extra-large), and P13.67 (salted) per piece, it showed.

In District 3, meat prices are at P243 (carabeef), P264 (beef), P223 (pork), P367.50 (chevon), P164 (broiler chicken), and eggs at P5.58 (small), P6.25 (medium), P6.75 (large), P7.25 (extra-large), and P11.80 (salted) per piece.

Meat prices per kilo in District 4 are at P254.17 (carabeef), P253.33 (beef), P237.59 (pork), P263 (chevon), P163.33 (broiler chicken), P250 (native chicken), and eggs at P5.67 (small), P6.14 (medium), P6.68 (large), P7.17 (extra-large), and P10 (salted) per piece.

In District 5, per kilo prices of meat are at P256.50 (carabeef), P259.17 (beef), P227.50 (pork), P288.75 (chevon), P170 (broiler chicken), P241.25 (native chicken), and eggs at P6.13 (small), P6.79 (medium), P7.63 (large), P8.13 (extra-large), and P10.83 (salted) per piece.

Meat prices per kilo in District 6 are at P235 (carabeef), P235.83 (beef), P210.83 (pork), P300 (chevon), P155 (broiler chicken) per kilo and eggs at P5 (small), P5.50 (medium), P6 (large), P7 (extra-large), and P11 (salted) per piece, the record also showed.*


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