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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, January 4, 2019
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Rock and Refuge
with Fr. Roy Cimagala

Letís beam with hope

Rock & Refuge

Let’s try our best to be men and women of hope, of real, great andabiding hope, which means that we have a clear vision of our ultimategoal in life and are confident that with God’s grace and our effort wecan reach it. Let’s beam with hope and not just keep it inside, ifonly to give our present troubled world some real glow.

We should try to avoid being tied down by the here and now, thoughwhat we have in the here and now is always important and crucial inour journey of hope in life. Yes, we have to be immersed in the thingsof this world, but clearly knowing that these things are only means,materials, occasions and instruments to reach our goal. We should notallow ourselves to be swallowed up by them.

To be hopeful and mindful of our ultimate end should not diminish theseriousness we have to put into our daily duties and responsibilities.

We should not say that just because we are meant for heaven, for asupernatural destination, we can take it easy in our temporal affairs.

Let’s remember what Christ wanted us to learn from his parable oftalents. (cfr. Mt 25,14-30) We are meant to be fruitful and productiveout of the many blessings and endowments God has given us. How we farein our earthly life somehow determines whether we are trulyprogressing or not in our journey towards our definitive home inheaven.

So it’s wrong to say that just because we are meant for heaven, weshould not be very serious in our business or politics or in whateverfield of human endeavor. If our temporal duty is about making money,for example, for the glory of God, then we should not shy away frommaking as much money as possible.

Let us strengthen this hope everyday, trusting always in the assuredpromises of Christ especially when we are sharply tested in life. Wecannot deny that the drama in our life can be such that, if nothandled properly, can undermine our faith and hope. How many peoplehave been confused and lost in that way?

That is why we need to spend time meditating on the word of God and onthe life of Christ so we don’t get distracted from what is truly ourpath to follow and so that our faith and hope grow stronger everyday.

When there is true hope, we can manage to be at peace and in joynomatter what situation we may find ourselves in. We would just be gamewith everything.

Meditating on God’s word and on Christ’s life will surely teach uswhat to do to equip ourselves properly for our real pursuit in life.

We have to develop the virtues, we have to learn to have recourse tospiritual and supernatural means, like praying, making sacrifices,learning how to do ascetical struggle, availing of the sacraments,etc.

We have to learn how to be both serious and not too serious, knowingthat in this life, no matter how much we try, there will always besurprises, disappointments, setbacks, failures, etc. There are thingsthat a re simply beyond our control. And so we have to learn how to accept them with a good sense of humor.

God is always in full control of things, no matter how we and the devil mess up things. Even in our worst predicament, he can always derive something good. As long as we are at least open to his will, even if we don’t fully get it or understand it, there is always hope, because he is a Father to us who will always take care of us, especially in our weak and bad moments.

Let’s just try our best that with all the benefits of hope, we do God’s will as fully, faithfully and lovingly as possible.*

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