MERGE Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia (left) meeting with barangay captains and city department heads on the fight versus dengue.*

‘All-out-war vs. dengue’

Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia yesterday called for an “all-out-war” against dengue during a meeting with city barangay captains and department heads at the Bacolod City Government Center yesterday.

The Bacolod City government is launching a campaign against the deadly disease with the implementation of the daily 4 o’clock habit called “Deng Get Out of Bacolod” tomorrow at 4 p.m., involving the search and destruction of breeding places of mosquitoes.

Leonardia yesterday sought the all-out support of the barangay captains of the 61 barangays against dengue and reminded them that this is an all-out-war of the city against the deadly disease. moremoremore

City inviting Duterte to MassKara

Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia said they will again be inviting President Rodrigo Duterte to the MassKara Festival this year.

However, they cannot pre-empt his decision. But as a matter of honor and tradition, they will invite him especially at a time like this when he frequently visits Malacañang, there is more reason now that they should invite him, Leonardia said.

The president has attended the MassKara Festival for three straight years. Anything beyond that is already a bonus, the mayor said. moremoremore


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Iloilo bizmen oppose petition
for wage increase in Region 6

Some businessmen in Iloilo are opposing the proposed wage increase in Western Visayas, Wennie Sancho, secretary-general of the General Alliance of Workers Association, said yesterday.

During the first public hearing of the petition held on August 23 in Iloilo City, the businessmen manifested their opposition, saying they will submit their consolidated position paper before September 6, the scheduled date of the second public hearing that will be in Bacolod City, Sancho said.

While there was “no vehement opposition,” representatives of the Iloilo Business Club said they could not afford the proposed wage increase because “times are hard,” he said.