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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Women power

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True enough, the respite in the Yanson feud was temporary and we are back again at the he said, she said battle.

Some people might think that writing about this continuing feud is an overkill, but hey, everywhere you go, people have nothing to talk about more than the Yanson family squabble. Here you have a real telenovela unravelling, with the characters themselves open to air their dirty laundry in public with no ending in sight….haist!

It has all the elements of a story worth writing and discussing about – the drama, violence, greed, love, power, etc., the protagonists and the antagonists ever present, depending which side you are on, making this a saga that was not even dislodged from its blockbuster standing by the robbery in Gaisano.

Understandable of course because the Gaisano incident, though we should not belittle it as it definitely is scary and puts in question our peace and order situation, involved millions only, while the Yanson feud talks of billions.

Nevertheless, I didn’t mean to single out the two ladies in the Y4 camp in my previous column despite their mom, Olivia, mentioning Emily Yanson and Celina Lopez in particular, as the ones who are not keen in resolving their family dispute.

However, this has been affirmed by the two women themselves who didn’t take long to come out with their own release last Monday, attacking Leo Rey’s camp, while Roy and Ricky opted to stay mum on the matter. Same with Leo Rey who went silent and allowed Olivia to answer her daughters – now that’s what we call women power in the strangest sense.

Emily said the real reason behind Leo Rey’s “use of brute force” to reclaim their offices and terminals was due to his alleged intention to sell off the multi-billion business.

Olivia on the other hand retorts back that this allegation is so off-tangent for indeed, why would Leo Rey sell their business that has been earning them billions.

“Why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Are you that simple minded? With the current improvements that he had initiated and with the income that has grown exponentially? You have benefitted tremendously from his hardwork and dedication. His indefatigable efforts made you jetsetters. But with your material success, however, you unfortunately have no culture,” Olivia countered.

I mentioned previously that after the takeover incident, Olivia apparently was hardened by the experience and is now lashing out to defend Leo Rey at all cost. This is understandable, for after all, he and Ginnette were the ones who stood by her when she was deprived of her rights and shares from the company she slaved for over five decades.

Emily denies that their camp has had a hand in ransacking and stealing documents and titles as earlier alleged by her younger brother’s camp, calling him a liar and further stressing that Leo Rey is the one who wants to break apart the company, even resorting to a coin-toss with Roy in dividing it up.

I saw that public video of Leo Rey admitting the same to their employees but it was clearly in the context of offering the same to attain peace at the onset of the conflict. Anybody who saw that video will understand so and anybody who believed it was meant to literally tear the company to pieces will not hold water.

I really would advise that the Y4 camp needs to re-assess their PR and not allow their emotions to get the better of them because it sounds more like ranting than a well-thought out answer.

In fact, the filing of the Y4 for a writ of amparo seems very pretentious in my estimation as this petition is meant as a remedy to any person whose right to life, liberty and security is violated or threatened by an unlawful act be it by a public official or a private individual.

Why file a petition for a writ of amparo when the Y4 were the ones who initially took control of the company, the terminals and in their own will, opted to holed-up in those premises without any urging from anyone.

Their reason of finally leaving the premises, according to Emily was to “protect the lives of their employees” upon hearing that there are plans to inflict them physical harm and pin the violence on them. Of course Celina on the other hand was honest enough to say that they were exhausted and just wanted to go home.

And here I was thinking that the reason was because they cannot endure spending time there than necessary after power has been cut-off otherwise it will be a major battle with the heat and the mosquitos.

The two ladies are clearly not backing-off in ensuring that they will protect their father’s legacy. With that threat, it is not over and it will become more interesting now that the Yanson women are at each other’s throats. After all, their emotions are more interesting to watch than the stoic faces of their men.

Each side has been bringing their father’s name to the forefront of this. What has he to say about all this if he is alive? I just hope and pray they let him continue to rest in peace.*

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