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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Come back, Moonyeen et.al.

Rock & Refuge

What do I know. While I was pounding yesterday’s column urging efforts at peace among the Yanson siblings, a fresh round of media exchanges erupted, complete with harsh words and subtle personal attacks, the type that however way you look at, are hurting and hurtful.

Just where will all these end up in? I want to be hopeful that somehow this family will eventually find it in their hearts to come together and move on together, keeping alive their father’s legacy which all of them profess to pursue.

Yesterday’s episode in this riveting drama had the Yanson 4 side accusing their brother Leo Ray of stealthily planning to sell off the company. LRY denied it while mother Olivia tells the four “to stop lying”. She also reminded them how LRY’s work had made them jetsetters.

And then Emily and Celina went to the police to report how they were stopped from entering the Vallacar compound where the company’s main office is located.

The exchange was, to say the least, nasty as usual; the implications terrible. It would seem that each word they throw at each other is one more block added to the wall that separates them now.

Couldn’t these siblings remember the fun days they had in childhood, when they played and teased each other? Couldn’t they remember the time their mama and papa held their tiny hands, or picked them up and hugged them to assure them things were alright? Like any of us, I’m sure they all had days they doubted themselves and were only assured because mama and papa were there to catch them if they fell. Where did all those memories go? Where did all the emotions that once bound them together go?

The people around them now have plenty to do to help bring them back together. Sorry, but I may sound like the eternal optimist who refuses to believe what is happening before his eyes. But yes, I still believe that there is hope for a reconciliation among them. The same blood runs in their veins; I don’t think they can really, truly and finally shut each other out. What was that cliché about family? Blood is thicker than water. I truly hope it will once again be proven right here. And soon.

If they could no longer come together as family, they should at least remember they have a responsibility to the public who have been so good to their family and their company grew to be what it is now.

Lets face it. Ceres Liner has become a part of our lives, especially here in Negros. It is not a normal day, as what happened last week, that no yellow bus would pass by our highways. I go home to the south regularly and one time I started counting those big yellow buses that passed us by. I counted 25 in an hour. Of course there was also that time when I got caught in traffic gridlock three times in as long a time, and it was all because one of two Ceres buses got entangled at the front. I am relating these simply to illustrate how integral this company is to the community now

It sure has made travel around the island much more convenient and comfortable. Haven’t most of us gone to the hinterlands of this island because Ceres could bring us there?

Now, we must grapple with the very real possibility that one time in the future we will all have to go back to the days when we all have to rely on private vehicles to get to distant places within a reasonable time frame. It has happened one day last week.

If that happens, I am afraid people will just have to insist that government expedite the entry of other players in the transport industry here. That means more bus companies and more options for the riding public. Ceres can flex its muscles and try to drive away these new companies, but given the conflict that now rips apart the family that owns it, it may no longer be as strong as it was in the past, when it gobbled all its competition and would-be competition. Already, people, especially the old folks, are talking about missing Jessie James, Sonetran, Hermijun, Moonyeen, and even Bachelor Express.

When this happens, I am sorry but all of them Yanson children would have failed to keep their father’s legacy, the one thing they all invoke as their motive in their fight. Isn’t that simply sad?*

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