MERGE More troops and two Air Force gunships being dispatched to Himamaylan City to track down the fleeing rebels encountered by Army soldiers yesterday.*

Voters hungry for hope,
truth now, Sereno says

Former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said the voters now are hungry for hope and truth.

Sereno was in Bacolod City yesterday for a voters' education talk initiated by the Diocese of Bacolod at the St. John Vianney Hall of the annex building, next to the Bishop's House.

She said she does not want to make a conclusion on the present administration, but people are asking her how they can help others to open their eyes. moremoremore

‘Show proof operations
vs. Negros 14 legitimate’

Former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said the policemen involved in the raids in Negros Oriental that killed 14 people should prove that those were legitimate operations.

“The affidavit said the families were dragged out of their houses while the victims fought back against the police. If the victims’ families are telling the truth, the state forces must show proof that their operations were legitimate,” she said.

Sereno, who was in Bacolod City yesterday, said state forces should surrender those documents because the relatives of the victims claimed there were irregularities during the operations. moremoremore


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Panaad rakes in P3.63M in sales

The 26th edition of the Panaad sa Negros Festival generated P3.63 million in sales during its opening day on Monday.

The figure comprised the income generated from the organic agriculture fair, livestock and dairy fair, trade fair and exhibit, eco-garden show, food park and food kiosks, and LGU pavilions.

The Capitol report showed that LGU pavilions garnered the highest profit on the first day with P1,159,925, followed by the eco-garden show with P1,218,120, livestock and dairy fair with P771,305, food kiosks with P216,081, food park with P184,630, and organic market with P84,177.