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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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with Ptr. Gary V. Visitacion

Dadís dilemma

Dear Tito,

I am 45 years old and happily married to my ever-supportive wife. We have two young children.

I am now the CEO of a big multinational company that operates here in the country.

During my college years, I had a girlfriend whom I loved very much and wanted to marry. But her parents did not like me that they always told her to end our relationship. Due to our intimacy, I got her pregnant and what made matters worse, was her parents sent her away to finish her education and that was the last time I saw my girlfriend. I heard that she gave birth to a baby boy.

One day, my marketing head was in the process of hiring some applicants and she mentioned that there is one applicant who stood out amongst the other applicants. After checking his credentials, I realized that he was my son from my former girlfriend during college days.

I heard from my marketing head that his mother doesn’t have a job and is separated from her husband. She has three more kids from her former husband.

I really want to approve his recommendation to be hired but I am also thinking that this might cause some problems when my son would discover that I am his biological father.

I want to help my son land a job and also his family.

Concerned Father

Dear Concerned Father,

You cannot correct anymore the mistakes of the past, but you can still make up the lost opportunity with your son.

Sadly, the past is still haunting you in the person of your son right now who is applying for a job in your company.

I know you have a very clear motive of helping your son and his family, especially the mother. But there was no closure in your relationship with her. As what you said, after she had left you, you have never seen her and even your son.

I am not sure how you would feel or react once you will meet your son face-to-face in case you hire him.

I would suggest that you meet the mother first and find some closure with your relationship and assure her that you would help your son land a job. This might be a good opportunity to show your love to your son by helping him.

You have lots of things to catch up with your son and this could be the starting point.

Praying for you.


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