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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, March 26, 2018
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Rock and Refuge
with Fr. Roy Cimagala

Doubt Christ no more

Rock & Refuge

In the run-up toward the culminating act of his redemptive mission here on earth, Christ finally was quite open about who he really was. That is, that he was the Christ, the expected Redeemer, the son of God who became man for our sake.

And yet in spite of all the miracles and the wonderful teachings he gave them, many of the people continued to be doubtful and even suspicious of him. On several occasions, they even tried to harm and eliminate him.

Of course, in the end they got theirway. They managed to put Christ to death in the most ignominious way to die, i.e., to be crucified.

It is a phenomenon that continues to take place today, in spite of the most convincing of the miracles of Christ—his own resurrection that later led to his ascension into heaven that was witnessed by a good number of people.

That many of us continue to doubt and even to be suspicious of him can be seen in the fact that we continue to take him for granted, to put him aside from our daily affairs as if he is irrelevant or just a drag to our activities, and even to openly reject and to be hostile to him.

We need to correct this predicament immediately and strongly, otherwise we would be fully cut off from the very source and keeper of our humanity. There are many ways to resolve this problem.We obviously cannot cover all of them, but we can at least mention afew.

One way is to disabuse ourselves from banking our belief in Christ mainly on some tremendous miracles and extraordinary events. That would be like testing or doubting God always. We should believe in Christ, with or without miracles.

Christ himself complained about this. “Unless you people see signs and wonders you will not believe,” he said to a court official whose daughter was dying. (Jn 4,48)

We need to keep our faith alive and burning. We should never allow it to cool down. That’s why we should strive to develop a vibrant life of piety that is supported by a concrete plan for which we should not be sparing in our efforts and sacrifices. It cannot be denied that a plan to support our life of faith and piety will always involve a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Things should come to the point when we somehow can see Christ in all the situations of our life, and discern his will for us at any moment. In other words, that we practically make ourselves contemplative souls even the midst of the world.

This is not falling into fantasies. This is, in fact, making ourselves most realistic, because in spite of our limitations, we cannot deny that Christ is in everything and is actually intervening in our life always. This is because being God, Christ is the very foundation of all reality. He is everywhere.

Let us hope that we can have a vivid awareness of the presence of Christ all throughout the day, 24/7, and that we can be drawn always to correspond to his loving and merciful will. We shouldfeel as much as possible God’s continuous love for us, and we shouldtry to repay that love with our love. Let’s never set him aside.

The ideal to aim at is that we get fully conscious of being with Christ all the time, and that it is he who is actually guiding us and showing us the way of how to proceed in any endeavor. That is why we need to set aside some time for some meditative prayer so as to discern more clearly God’s will and ways.*


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