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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, March 2, 2018
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Rock and Refuge
with Fr. Roy Cimagala

We are all precious to God

Rock & Refuge

There is no doubt that we are all precious to God. Regardless of how we are or how we behave, the fundamental attitude God has toward us is that of his tremendous love for us.

In the first place, we have been created in his very image and likeness, endowing us with the capacity to know and to love so that we can enter in a most intimate way in the very life of our Creator. As creatures, we just don’t come from God and belong to him in some physical or material way. We come and belong to him in a very intimate way.

And even when we fell from grace, God continues to love us by continuing to care for us until he sent his Son who became man to save us. And the redemption was no mean feat at all. Christ had to die on the cross for us. By so doing, he assumed all our sinfulness without committing sin just to release us from the bondage of sin with his own resurrection.

The realization of this fundamental truth of our faith should be made more widespread and appreciated. It’s amazing that even at this time of intense exchange of information, many are still ignorant of this heart-warming truth.

That realization should make us happy and confident, and instead of being spoiled by it, we should use it to spur us to do a lot of good, to love God and everybody else in return. That is precisely is what God wants most of all. We have to return love with love.

Yes, we may still have our own weaknesses and imperfections, we may still commit mistakes and sins, but as long as we rectify ourselves as soon as we can, everything would just be fine. God readily forgives. Not only that. He also grants us the specific graces we need to help us in our weaknesses and imperfections.

We have to process this tremendous truth of our faith well so that we would always be aware of the real dignity we have without being spoiled by it. We have to process it in such a way that the end effect is that we become happy, confident, eager to do a lot of good and at the same time humble, simple, thankful and sharply aware of where this amazing dignity of ours comes from.

This is, of course, a delicate task that needs a lot of humility and help from everyone, the first one being that of God. Yes, we need to count on the help of everyone to make this wonderful truth of our faith be incarnated in our lives.

If we carry out this task successfully, for sure there will be a great improvement in the lives of people, there will be greater love and understanding among all of us, and even the economy and our social and political lives will make big strides of progress proper to us.

We would somehow put into history the dark side of our humanity, and make our sojourn here in this world a real and worthy anteroom of heaven, our definitive home. Let’s hope that we do not consider this wish a pipe dream. Rather, let us try to make this dream into reality. To be sure, God has already given us all the means for this.

It would be good that every morning, before we start to do our daily routine, we consider this truth of our faith and make it a driving force for the day. Let’s always remember that each one of us is very precious to God!*


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