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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, March 1, 2018
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Rock and Refuge
with Fr. Roy Cimagala

Starting the day right

Rock & Refuge

This may look like just a minor detail in our life, but it actually plays an important, strategic role. If we know how to start our day well, most likely our whole day will run and end well too. Ignoring this detail will most likely leave us always struggling to prime ourselves to do what we are supposed to do the whole day. It would really be quite a drag.

Starting our day right can mean many things. But one thing, for sure, it is about the habit of greeting God right upon waking up, then thanking him at least for the sleep regardless of how it went, and then begin to offer the whole day to him.

That way we start to burn the fire of love in us. Let’s always remember that loving is the ideal condition to be in, and the earlier we set ourselves in it, the better. We are actually meant for loving. We demean our humanity if we fail to love.

And the first object of our love should be God since he is the very essence of love, and the source, end, pattern and power of love. We need to make acts of faith to be able to feel the urge to love God first and last, because only through him can we love everybody and everything else properly.

That morning offering we make as we wake up will provide us with the proper spiritual and supernatural tone to our attitudes, our thoughts, desires, words and deeds. It will remind us that our whole life is and should be an offering for it to be a life of love meant for us.

Yes, our life ought to be spent as an offering. It has to be lived as a gift, because it is first of all a gift also from God to us. In other words, our life has to mirror the life of God himself, whose image and likeness we are. Since God is love, is self-giving, then we too have to live in love and in self-giving.

Let us remember to renew many times during the day that initial offering we do as we wake up, so that the fire of love will continue not only to burn, but to also to grow until we are totally consumed by it at the end of the day.

That’s when we can say we have completed or perfected our offering of ourselves to God and to others. That’s when we can say we have loved fully. That’s when we can say we have consummated our humanity for that day.

We need to renew our morning offering often during the day since we have to contend with many things that will try to ebb away our love. We have our own personal weaknesses, our laziness and complacency. We also have to contend with the many temptations around that tend to make us self-centered instead of being focused on God and on others.

Renewing our morning offering often during the day will launch us into some kind of divine adventure where we will be happily and gamely confronted with challenges and trials. There will be ups and downs, successes and failures, etc. But then again, as long as we offer everything to God, all will just be fine.

Let us make it a habit to make this morning offering everyday as we wake up. When we manage to start the day right, we are bound to end that day right too, that is, with God and in communion with everybody else somehow.*


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