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Bacolod City, Philippines Friday, January 19, 2018
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Rock and Refuge
with Fr. Roy Cimagala

Rock & Refuge

Our spiritual and supernatural bearing

We should always remember that our life is not just lived in the level of the physical and material dimensions. It is not even lived in the social level in all its aspects—economic, political, historical, etc.

Our life has a prominently spiritual dimension that requires us to nourish the way we think, judge, reason and ultimately to love. These are the functions of our spiritual soul. It's in this dimension that the supernatural aspect of our life enters.

Our spiritual soul with all its faculties (our intelligence and will) enables us to go beyond our material and natural world. It is what connects and engages us with others, be they things or persons or a supernatural being. It is what enables us to enter into communion with others.

We just have to remember that our spiritual soul is not a self-generated being. It is a creature, created by God the Creator. It is what would make us realize that we come from God and should remain with God for its proper vitality. We have to realize deeply that we cannot live properly without him.

That is why we have to see to it that to live properly as a human person we need to establish and continually reinforce our spiritual and supernatural bearing. This duty has priority over all the other duties we have in this life. We may call it the mother duty from where all our other duties and responsibilities, as well as our rights and dignity, spring.

We should do everything to establish, recover and maintain this spiritual bearing and supernatural outlook. We should see to it that more than anything else, we should be guided by God's will and ways that are shared with us through his gifts of faith, hope and charity. We just cannot rely on our own counsel.

Given the way we usually are, we really need to exert great effort to comply with this duty of keeping a spiritual and supernatural bearing in our life. Fact is we tend to rely simply on our own ideas, opinions, preferences. We easily allow ourselves to be swayed by social trends and fads, hardly questioning their foundations and orientations.

That is why we need some time everyday to do some deep thinking and reflection that should lead us to meditate on God's word and works, and to pray, that is, to enter into conversation with God. Otherwise, we would not be able to enter the spiritual and supernatural dimension of our life. We would simply remain in the peripherals and the superficial aspects of our life.

In this, we certainly are not inventing things and playing make-believe. Though God is the most mysterious object of our thoughts, he is the most real being that we can ever think of. That's because being the creator of the whole universe, he is the very foundation of reality. We just have to accustom ourselves with the dynamics of the spiritual and supernatural world.

We obviously need to be humble to acknowledge this basic reality of the spiritual and supernatural world and try our best to correspond to it. For certain, we need to constantly ask for God'sgrace which is actually given in abundance so that we would always feel the need to take care of our spiritual bearing and supernatural outlook.

That is why we have to learn the art of being recollected and of being a true contemplative right in the middle of the world. We have to learn to turn our worldly and temporal affairs as means, not obstacles, in our abiding connection with God.*

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