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Bacolod City, Philippines Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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Belittling the EDSA

Facebook is abuzz with friends slamming the recent absurdity (honestly I wanted to use a stronger word!) of Mocha Uson, the one they installed as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office.

It’s just one among the many and though some of her nonsensical comments before just raised my brows, the recent one she did, taking a poll among her many followers if they believe the EDSA Revolution is a product of fake news made me rage. Not personally against her coz after all, one can’t ram down sense on someone who hasn’t, but against the national government who continues to keep her on the payroll despite everything she’s done.

One of my friends commented “what does she know, she was probably 2-years old at that time.” And then, after much thought, I realized she was probably too small to even remember those times, how much more those who came after her, the youth of today, our schoolchildren today.

Much has been said that we, who went through the EDSA experience are much to blame for what we have become as a nation, for failing to educate the young why we should never allow dictatorship to reign in our country again.

But then again on hindsight, those who delight on the dictatorial rule felt in our country today are not as young as Uson. They too were there, saw what happened, but unfortunately for us, have a bigger agenda on their minds and their pockets this time and are willing to rewrite history for their own interest.

Definitely though, Uson is still not off the hook since she has no excuse not to read about the EDSA Revolution which has been enshrined as a national holiday especially since she is an official of the PCOO.

A bigger shame as well are those 60 thousand plus followers who clicked yes that the EDSA People Power was a product of fake news. But then again, anyone who follows Uson have probably the same mind set as her she and we can only scratch our heads, roll our eyes and hope we don’t have a friend among them.

On top of that is the debate on the colors used during the celebration initiated by the national government. They refused to use yellow probably on account of the previous administration’s yellow color and instead used the red, white and blue colors of our flag.

It’s so politicized that they’ve forgotten that it was because of Ninoy and then Cory that EDSA happened. Or perhaps it was intentional to use the colors that the ousted dictator, Ferdinand Marcos used to condition the mind of the people, as to what, I dread to even imagine.

Looking at post EDSA pictures though, there’s very little of yellows actually, especially at the national arena and more of black and white depending on which cause you are espousing.

Here in Bacolod, we had two groups rallying with about the same number. One in the Capitol Lagoon where yellow flags were raised and the other more militant demonstration where most were calling for the ouster of the President.

The yellow ones were one in not calling for the ouster, after all he (who should not be named…taking off from that Harry Potter series) was voted into power by millions of Filipinos (and I’m happy I’m in the minority) but are protesting the Charter Change, the TRAIN law and the federalism movement, including the no-election scenario come May.

The militant groups on the other hand are calling for the end of another “dictatorial rule” as they perceived (and yes, I often agree), media repression, extra-judicial killings and other issues against the national government.

The difference between these protests and the one in EDSA though, thus it was successful, was we had just but one goal. We need to kick out the most powerful person on the land who raped and plundered our nation.

This time, we each have our own agenda and until we can find a common goal, the EDSA spirit will not be as it was. At best, it will simply be a memory of what we as a nation was capable of, a memory that at one time, we were a proud, united race.

Going back to Uson, her premise of taking a poll that EDSA was a product of fake news was wrong from the very start. After all, during EDSA, there were no fake news. It was only invented recently and she is among its purveyors.*


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