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Bacolod City, Philippines Saturday, July 16, 2016

My husband is on drugs

Dear Tito,

  I have been wanting to write you regarding my situation. Currently, I am a working mother and my husband comes from a wealthy family in Negros. Even if I do work, my husband can support me and our two daughters. But  I really do not want to depend on my husband and at the same time I want to develop my self-esteem by keeping myself busy with work.

  My problem started a couple of years ago when my husband started to gamble, spend more time with his friends and later on I discovered that he was on drugs. This has really affected our relationship as husband and wife. Yes, money is not a problem to us, even in taking care of our daughters because we have enough helpers to watch over them.

  To be honest, I am not very happy with my husband anymore. He has changed a lot and spends more time with his friends. Even our time together as a family has suffered. I feel neglected and don't like to be with him anymore.

  I am a woman who has needs and wants be cared for, too. I don't want to ruin our relationship, especially by hurting our children. A number of times I have been tempted to entertain other men.

  Neglected Wife


Dear Neglected Wife

  Thank you for being honest. I understand your situation. A person can only act normal when he is normal. Right now, your husband needs help,and I say, immediately. Gambling and drug addiction are the two causes of not acting normal. I suggest you talk to your husband when he is not on drugs and sober enough to listen to you in a serious manner. He might not have sensitivity  towards your feelings but you can try. If he needs rehabilitation, go for it before it is too late.

  If you have a family counselor or minister that you know, maybe you can seek counsel from them. It would always help to have another person close to you and whom you can trust to share your problems.   




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