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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, July 7, 2016
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with Benjamin Calderon

The war on illegal drugs

Benjamin CalderonThe conflict is gaining intensity with the unprecedented move by the President himself to allege that 5 police generals need to be investigated for being involved in illegal drugs or from the presidential perspective “treason”. The 3 active generals have been relived and have presented themselves to the PNP Chief who has provided them with the fatherly advice of “face the music” of being investigated. In addition, 30 police officers from the National Capital Region are have been assigned to help improve peace and order in Mindanao while they are being investigated for possible links to illegal drug activity.

Then in the legislature, a bill has been filed to reinstate the death penalty to provide the law a retributive approach for those found guilty of heinous crimes that include murder, plunder, use of illegal drugs, car napping, among others. On the local scene, the operation “Tokhang” (toktok hangyo or knock and appeal) is gaining ground 900 pushers and users in Negros Oriental voluntarily surrendering to the authorities.

Everyone in our small group agreed that the inroads the government is making in addressing the illegal drug problem needs to be supported to gain momentum and becoming a resounding success. Each citizen can contribute to winning the war against illegal drugs. We look forward to the small steps being made to become strides against finding a solution to our society's problem with illegal drugs.

While the direction of our war against drugs is clear. The issue of leadership in our province has become muddle with no clear decision or resolution to the issue affecting the Office of the Governor of Negros Oriental. Meanwhile, we continue to bear the confusion caused by the flip flopping of authorities, the interpretation, as well as, the enforcement of the law.

Let us end with an anecdote that encourages us to be true to ourselves as we fight the war against illegal drugs. A major was assigned to a new office on a military base. While he worked to set up his office, a private knocked on the door. The major quickly picked up the phone and motioned for the private to enter.   On the phone the major said, "Yes, General, I think that is an excellent idea. . . . No sir, that's fine, you feel free to call me any time. I'm glad I can help. . . . Yes sir, I will, and you give my best to your family as well. Thank you sir, and a good day to you too, General."  As the major hung up the phone he turned to the private and asked, "What can I do for you, private?" Sheepishly, the private mumbled, "Um, sir, I'm just here to hook up your phone."*

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