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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, December 12, 2016
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DALO calls for united fight
versus contractualization

The Democratic Association of Labor Organizations is calling for the unity and alliance of all workers groups for a bigger voice in the campaign to end contractualization among companies in the Negros Island Region as well as in the whole country.

Alan Gozon, DALO president, said they are calling other local and national workers groups to join forces and stage a massive national campaign reminding the government of its promise to end contractualization by 2017.

Gozon, and 100 local union groups met in a Union Leaders' Conference held at the Sugar Workers Development Center in Bacolod City, Saturday, to air their grievances on the issue of contractualization and at the same time, their strong support to President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs and corruption in the government, in commemoration of the Human Rights Day celebration.

He said the campaign has remained to this day but there are still a lot of employees being terminated and business establishments are not heeding the call of the president. Though the Department of Labor is doing the campaign, there must be some pressure applied to employers to make the order effective, he added.

In calling for unity, Wennie Sancho, secretary-general of the General Alliance of Workers Association or GAWA, has issued similar statements saying that the failure of the present administration to effectively address the labor contractualization or better known as “ENDO”, has cause demoralization in the labor sector.

Sancho said he believes this is a complete turn-around in the campaign promise of President Duterte to end contractualization by next year. “How can the workers who are the primary source of social and economic force grow when they are still tied by the chains of contractualization”, he added.

He pointed out that the failure in implementation weakens unionism and deprives the workers of their social benefits. The statement of DOLE that it will announce its position on contractualization is not a guarantee for the workers'protection, he said.

“It could only add to the confusion because there are strong indicators that it (DOLE) will adopt the win-win solutions as proposed by the Department of Trade and Industry and the employers group”, he added.

DALO and GAWA are mulling more rallies and campaigns in the future until the problem is addressed.*


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