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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, April 28, 2016
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Big lies- 2


A president is the role model of our people. His words are weighed carefully and his pronouncements make or unmake society. Schools look up to the leaders of the nation for examples of how life is lived and what humanity is envisioned for all. Our moral and spiritual values, how we conduct business of government and society are transmitted to the young.

Parents, do you approve of your children being bastos or who refuse to study but rely on cheating to pass the class, because, after all, the president boasts that he passed school by cheating and gets elected anyway?

Would parents and teachers reprimand a child if curses punctuate his every sentence? After all, people who curse as a matter of habit can be elected president. What moral values will our teachers teach the next generation?

Can our relations with other nations be healthy and mutually beneficial if the head of government curses his counterparts and tells them to shut up otherwise we will sever diplomatic relations with them?

It is a big lie that we can sever relations with the United States and Australia on whim simply because these countries had made a negative comment on the deplorable, insensitive statement of Duterte in the rape case.

Imagine the situation under the Duterte government with severed relations with the US and Australia. Do you think investments will flow to this country, businesses will thrive and the people will have jobs? The reply of Duterte to the statement of the ambassadors are not lost in the minds of these countries and will have grave repercussions in the event the Filipino voters, swayed by lies, will vote for him.

He dismissed the comment that he will be a dictator with a curt reply, “so what?” Was that a joke as his supporters are saying? I doubt, considering his psychological make-up. If he turns out to be a dictator (indications are clearly in this direction), then he will indeed be able to enforce his promise to kill 100,000 people and dump them in Manila Bay for fishes to feast on.

Is this a joke? Nobody can tell if we believe (so far undisputed) his psychological state of mind.

Even if granted as a joke, this mentality will be the role model for the military and police. Police and military brutality cannot be far behind. In fact, this is the solution to his big lie to rid this country of criminals in three to six months. Even if he junks the Constitution and the rule of law his methods will fail. No despot has ever succeeded using this method, but people get conned.

Who are swallowing his lies and hoodwinking the gullible in the country?

A friend told me of a businesswoman who campaigned among her employees. My friend asked her: if Duterte's men come to your house and take and kill your son for being an addict, would you like that? To whom will you turn to since you voted to give Duterte this power? Reality dawned on the woman and changed her mind.

The same can be asked of other parents and relatives and of businessmen who cheat on their taxes. Duterte promised to put an end to monthly contractual employment. How many businessmen will be dragged by mobs of contractual workers to enforce the Duterte method of law enforcement? Remember that Duterte's method makes shortcuts of the law, the rule of the mob exemplified by the Chinese Cultural Revolution where no law or person was respected.

It is not farfetched to expect that Duterte will declare martial law although, from his statements, he needed not do so but just do as he pleased with or without martial law. Amnesty International recorded 70,000 people imprisoned, 34,000 tortured and 3,400 killed during martial law.

Duterte's is worse – he said he will kill 100,000 as solution to criminality within six months. That might be nice if one thinks he is innocent but despotic power makes no distinction. The only criterion is what the dictatorial regime thinks.

But Duterte can be lying. But what if, due to his sociopathic mind, he is not?

Governor Alfredo Marañon said Duterte's words are “buang” or insane. That is clinically certified. The problem is that ignoring what Duterte said is to enter into his trap. This is the scheme of evil. Get people to ignore evil.

Should we just wait to see the big lies happen or stop Duterte now?*




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