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Bacolod City, Philippines Thursday, April 30, 2015

Garden club's exciting outing

A summer excursion is always something of a treat for the members of the Negros Occidental Garden Club. This year's annual NOGC outing turned out to be something of an adventure for some members. The venue was a beautiful rest house high in the hills of Mailum, Maao, near La Carlota City.

And so, on a bright sunny early morning this summer, the NOGC members, clad in their best sporty attires, bravely set out for the outing in a convoy of vehicles. Sounds of laughter could be heard as the members chatted away merrily during the ride.

The rest house can only be reached by a narrow stone road. No problem for members until, alas, one car got stuck not far from the house itself. And the rest of the cars in the convoy had to wait until the stuck car could be removed. What to do? Some more energetic members said they'd walk, but with the blazing sun and steep rocky road, most decided to see if there was a way of moving the stuck car. After a brief conference among the drivers, Filipino ingenuity prevailed and finally, the car was moved so everyone could pass.

On arrival at the venue, members who were ravenous by now, happily tucked into plates of steaming hot delicious local corn on the cob. Ahhh! Heaven! The members began exploring the site to find what lay before them. They soon gushed over the breathtaking views overlooking La Carlota on one side and Bacolod on the other side.

With members dressed in their beautiful outing outfits, photography was a top priority. Then fun and games emceed by the ever-active Zeny Guzon got the crowd in competitive mood.

Meanwhile, the aroma of a whole row of chickens being roasted over an open fire, stoked the hunger pangs of the group, who were by now exhausted from all the activity. Lunch was a mountain feast with the chickens cooked to perfection. The buffet was groaning with an array of favorite Pilipino dishes so dear to everyone's heart. Cool drinks were so refreshing to the palate. More contests were held until everyone was too tired to move. It was a shame to have to head back home but everyone agreed it certainly was fun!*


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