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Bacolod City, PhilippinesTuesday, June 4, 2013
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with Rolly Espina

Remembering Sagay City

Rolly Espina Although born in Escalante City in 1933, I still consider myself a Sagaynon having lived there the rest of my natural life. That means almost half a century of my adult life.

That is why I am happy to know that President Benigno Aquino has declared June 11, a Tuesday, as a special non-working holiday for Sagay City.

For the past two years, I have not returned to Sagay nor to its treasured Barangay Fabrica. The term is the generic name for the Barangays and sitios of Paraiso, Fabrica, Uko, Villacin Uno and Dos, Takas, Hulugan, Tadlong, and Piyak with Tangnonon (Hacienda Faraon).

That’s what Fabricanians consider as Fabrica, the cosmopolitan barangay that was more bustling than the previous town of Sagay which was nestled in Old Sagay, and later in Pahusano.

I spent part of my boyhood adventures in Old Sagay. That’s where our family evacuated shortly before the more serious bombings by the American Air Force of Fabrica, and nearby Sagay.

At the time, we understand, the Marañons, had evacuated to Bantayan’ Island of Cebu.

We stayed in Tubod. There we stayed until the times when Japanese stranglers form Leyte arrived and stayed in the Sagay Garrison. After that there was the battle of Dalusan which Lt. Dilag made famous with his shout out of “retreat” stridently echoing all over the town.

Anyway, later, from Sagay, we evacuated to Bulanon, where we stayed with Tiyo Erning Treyes and his family. There it was where I first learned to ride a horse and later became adept at horse-riding, participating often in horseracing.

Bulanon was where we first learned some guerilla songs. Including, of course, the familiar last Champagne of the American which became one of the most popular before the arrival of the American servicemen.

It was on June 11, 1996 that the town of Sagay was finally converted into a city by virtue of Republic Act 1892.

The late Provincial Governor Joseph Marañon was declared the first mayor of Sagay City.

He proved his worth immediately. Later, when he was succeeded by Governor Alfredo Marañon, Jr., the two were responsible for the North Negros Marine Preserve that enabled the northern Negros area to protect its natural resources and the environment of the zone.

If only for that signal accomplishment, the two Marañons deserve the thanks of the people of Northern Negros Occidental and other areas of the province.


I don’t know how far has Secretary Kim Henares stood pat on her revenue memorandum Order requiring accountants to submit to the Bureau of Internal Revenue all contracts of their clients and other firms.

The MRO adds requiring accountants to submit to the BIR their original copy of their income tax returns and not just duplicates or copies.

These two are required for accountants to get their accreditation to practice their profession. Which contravenes the very purpose for the tough exams by the PROC which is the requirement of accreditation as professionals.

In short, these are two additional requirements for the practice of accountancy. There has already been an instant furor over the memorandum order.

But the more serious question raised by accountants and accounting firms was the violation of ethical standards by the BIR which would require that the same by accounting firms was the ethical issue. This means that it now requires BIR approval of contracts between clients of an accountant or an accounting firm before it can be allowed to transact business.

And, regarding the rigorous imposition of the original ITR submission, a lot of accountants pointed out that ultimately what is going to happen is that most of the country’s accountants may no longer be able to practice their profession. Instead, the regular book-keepers will constitute the bulk of the College of Accountancy.

We are still awaiting the answer of Henares to the queries submitted to their office by several of the country’s accounting firms regarding the Revenue Memorandum Order and its implications.

Now, we watch for the battle cry.*

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