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Bacolod City, PhilippinesMonday, May 30, 2011
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with Primo Esleyer

Let us heed our leaders

It is for the good of the country that the once heated debate on the RH bill has simmered down.

Cooler heads have prevailed.

Now there is no need for the Church to use the pulpit, which a poet called “drum ecclesiastic” which, if necessary, is to be beaten by the fist and not by a stick.

We have stood by the Church and Bishop Vicente M. Navarra that abortion or any use of abortifacients be used because it kills life. I am happy to have sat down with Fr. Felix Pasquin the other day.

But we believe government must also craft policies in the pursuit of its programs in line with the teaching of the church.

We must open our eyes though to multi-nationals spending billions to produce abortifacients.


Meanwhile, I am happy to read a news item that Gov. Freddie Marañon, in the launching of the Food Fair and Ranch and Animal show at Panaad, declared his food targets for the province.

Starting with his late elder brother Gov. Joseph Marañon the two have made food security the center piece of their administration.

Marañon said his administration’s thrust is to make Negros a swine, poultry, and cattle country.

He said Negros Occidental is already the number one poultry producer in West Visayas and aims to be number one in the country.

He said the province is also the 10th largest rice producing area in the country and is nearly half-sufficient in production.

He also said we are also the number one producer of the blue crab meat.


The Governor said the government has already dispersed 15,000 chickens and 4,000 hybrid swine as part of his poverty alleviation project.

He said that by 2013 he aims to be fully sufficient in terms of staple food production.

Except for rice, our meat requirements can be easily met. It is true, given food program we can supply the country with poultry and swine products.

But what the Governor gave was just the general idea. He can ask integrators to help. San Miguel Foods can be a very big help.

It goes into contract growing for swine and poultry. But this requires big capital.

The Governor to make the wealth felt by all must pay attention to small growers.


But here’s the problem for a small farmer. While government can give him a pig or two, he will have his problem with the feeds which are very costly now.

Then the marketing. These hog raisers are at the mercy of hog buyers.

If the Governor plans to a make it full blast, the province must put up a group to produce the feeds and sell them to the hog raisers at a more reasonable price than the one at the market.

The feed component of hog raising is the biggest.


Then the market, government must put up a slaughter house, buys the meat and distribute them to other provinces or even to Manila.

We just talk of becoming the biggest exporter of poultry or swine products but without these infrastructures, all these will just be a dream.

There were two who said they heard of this news item in the radio. They asked me how can they avail of this help from the province.

I can see this is an ambitious project of the Governor. If implemented this can change the life of Negrenses.

If we can make our farmers entrepreneurial, there is no need to send our people to work abroad.

I am confident that Governor Marañon, given his political will and organizational talent, can make it.


FEEDBACK: I would like to acknowledge an e-mail from our former student, Joe Esmeralda now living in Sim Valley in California. He reacted to our item about Dave Duckett. No problem Joe. I believe Dave has seen our point.

We want to share with you some words of wisdom from our Feedback.

*When we hope and trust in God, we don’t set a time for Him to answer us. Rather, we wait with expectant joyful hearts. Prayers are always answered in His time for He already knows our needs before we ask Him.

That’s faith.

*Rains of blessings, winds of joy, fogs of peace, dews of love and happiness plus blossoms of God’s anointing be with you always.

Good morning.*

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